Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fragmentation on Android is hilarious

I was trying to create a new Android app today and using Android Studio (latest canary release, ofc).

Obviously in the process I've got to the platform targeting part. And then the shock came in.

Look at it... Seriously, look at it. There's more than 50% of the people who don't run on 4.4 or later. I mean c'mon, really?

I know forcing users to upgrade on mobile devices is hard, especially since the mobile manufactures don't really seem to care about existing users, security or otherwise getting latest version of the OS to their users (I guess it's not profitable, no?) But I seriously hope that Google can find a way to fix this sooner rather than later because it's getting hilarious at this point. Android M will be out soon-ish (September or close, right?) and by then there will be not two, not three but nine different versions if you want to target 100% of the platform and four versions in order to target about 50% of the users.

And people were moaning about fragmentation on desktop (Windows) just a few years ago when there were like 2-3 different versions only. 

As a last fun thing, HTC HD2 launched in ~2009 can run: Windows XP, Ubuntu MeeGo, Windows Phone 7, Android 5.0 (last I've checked) and I'm almost willing to bet it will run Android M as well. That's a six years phone who can run most of the OSes from out there proving that's in fact possible to have an updated phone if manufacturers would only care (oh and HD2 was meant for Windows 6.5, the community managed to do all the wonderful things I've just mentioned).

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