Sunday, December 13, 2015

My GOPATH dir only gets bigger and bigger

I've just ran cloc on my $GOPATH and I'm a bit surprised.
Turns out that the Go plugin for IntelliJ IDEA can really process it's way into almost 20k Go files with about 5.7 million lines of code....

Monday, November 23, 2015

Are we there yet?

I'm reading this and I'm wondering: wtf?! I mean sure, the right tools in the wrong hands can do shit load of damage but does it mean we have to stop building the tools? Or should we rather try to improve ourselves as a civilization, not like a bunch of kindergarteners fighting each-other for who has the better toys? If only people would learn to live with together, we could accomplish so, so much more than what we have today. There are so many things to be solved, here on Earth and then... Space. The final frontier. :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Omenirea are un viitor, civilizatia se pare ca nu

Dovada ca ne pierdem din ce in ce mai mult din umanitatea pe care o avem? Faptul ca atunci cand calcam un animal in timp ce suntem la volan / pe motor, punem repede pe Facebook / Youtube niste poze sau un filmulet sau cand altii critica acest lucru suntem indiferenti, sarim sa le aparam dreptul la libera exprimare sau faptul ca "e pe net". Si nu vorbesc de "straini", vorbesc de romanasi de-ai nostrii. Pacat, mare pacat.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Generate passwords in Linux

As generating passwords happens often enough I wanted to have a generator that's local and no one else has access to it when it's generating the password.

As such, here's a simple bash script to generate a password:
It has a special case for AWS RDS as they don't like passwords like everyone else.

Hope someone else will find it useful.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Go as a client side language

I was talking to a colleague of mine and we were both expressing the same feeling towards Javascript: bleah.

As I was going home, I've noticed this "piece of joy" on Reddit and I got frustrated with the answers there. One of them frustrated me in particular: (in case it disappears it says: "No because go isn't a language used by the web browsers.").

Leaving aside the lack of technical understanding that the user displayed, it got me thinking: what would be the reason that would get in the way of Go being used browser (client) side? Turns out that I can't find any, or at least my lack of technical understanding says: none.

How would it work?

There are two major approaches on this: ship the code or ship the compiled module.

I've tweeted the idea of creating a runtime for browsers and someone said: yeah but in this case you'll end up just like NaCL did. As I actually didn't knew why NaCL didn't took off, I've searched for NaCL on Wikipedia and discovered that Mozilla made a stupid decision to focus on HTML (Picard facepalm).

So, it's possible that Mozilla will again say no to this because in their stupidity they'll focus on HTML again, or maybe they'll say that they now have Rust and they should build a runtime on that, it's their language after all, no?

And this is such a pity as Go really is a beautiful language and the use of channels for events and all the concurrency stuff would be a nice fit for the modern web.

Too bad we all can't play along and personal (and corporate) interests dictate the free web and how we, the developers, have to suffer from it.